We are moving toward an inevitable Golden Age.


Rising energies bring polar opposites to the surface to be expelled. Like a cosmic battle between Good and Evil, two forces pitted against each other, much like a natural organism releases poisons out through the skin. The result is the release of ugliness, shame, boils, infections, volcanoes, discomfort, and discord. A planetary cytokine storm! As a collective soul-mind, we are our own human passengers. We both create the storm, and we endure its wrath. What tools do we need to ride the storm? We need unity, patience, resilience, and a stiff upper lip to stay balanced and keep our minds on the goal. Ultimately, we will claim the predestined prize of spiritual awakening, freedom in body, mind, and spirit. Hang on!


Executive Summary:


What’s a Yuga?

A Yuga is a Sanskrit Age or Era of time. Ancient Vedic scientists studied the galactic movements and divided Earth’s cycles into Yugas. According to Vedic timekeepers, there are eight Yugas – four ascending, and four declining in the cycle. Together they total about 26,000 years. These ages come from the movement of our Sun through the Galaxy. The ages are said to explain the rise and fall of civilization and human consciousness. There are different schools of thought about Yugas. s. Like everything that has to do with the celestial movement, Yugas are part of our evolution, and that means it’s a face-off between LOVE and FEAR.

There are four Hindu Yugas. Four ascending Ages are followed by four declining Ages.


Golden Age – Satya Yuga, 4800 years

Silver Age – Treta Yuga, 3600 years

Bronze Age – Dwapara Yuga, 2400 years

Iron Age – Kali Yuga, 1200 years


How Do We Measure Time?


Time is movement of celestial bodies relative to each other. From the perspective of Earth, we can count Days, Moon cycles, Years, Zodiac Ages, Precession Cycle, and Galactic rotation. All other measures are human creations – such as seconds, minutes, weeks, and centuries. These are all man-made figments of our imagination. However, there is more.

How do We Measure Time? Time is movement of the celestial bodies such as the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Zodiac.


What’s Our Solar System 26,000-year cycle? 


This is our Sun’s orbit through the Milky Way. It brings energy changes and is the underlying cause of much of our stress. The different Yugas reflect rising and falling consciousness.

What Can We Expect in the Coming Age? 

Lots of energetic changes will continue to challenge the old, stir up negativity, and clear our world for the coming Golden Age.



What Can We Do? 


The Tools to Ride the Storm include daily meditation, clean food, and deep sleep.


1 Meditate and develop heart awareness.

2 Develop self-transformation tools.

3 Twice a day do some breathing and gentle movement.

4 Quiet the mind and find your root. Address your negative habits and weaknesses clearly and compassionately so you can correct them over time.


5 Start the day with your favorite meditation or prayer to God. Breathe white light into the center of the brain to clear your mind with joy! I recommend my Heart Purification Medidation to clean and purifie your heart.


6 Be discerning. Choose your information sources carefully. Stand your ground with integrity in a world out of balance Your life and your choices are important, so try to do what is right no matter what.


7 Purify yourself. Eat fresh organic food, just a little. That’s because GMO food and farming chemicals destroy the microbiome, which you NEED. Bless your food and be grateful. Avoid all addictive or habituating  substances. Choose your thoughts carefully as the mind is your best friend or your worst enemy.


8 Hydrate. Drink 2.5 liters of pure water every day, in small quantities.


9 Enjoy music, listen to it, make music, love it. Sound vibrations are healing.


10 Walk every day outside in the sunlight for 50 minutes.


11 Read the scriptures. Choose your book. I like the Psalms, Bhagavad Gita, the Kybalion, The Quran, the Bible, the Buddha’s writings in the Pali Canon.


12 Embrace kindness and compassion. Use every encounter as a chance to uplift someone, to raise the frequency of the world. Lead by example.

Help the people you say you love, starting from wherever they are. Everyone is suffering. You can lighten their load. Be resilient.


13 Release fear, choose Love, and try to embrace change.


14 Be aware of what you produce, and what you consume, having compassion toward Mother Earth and other beings.


15 Have a project you love that keeps you engaged. It should uplift you and serve others in some way.

Rest a lot. Take a nap every day. Get plenty of sleep, because during deep sleep, we digest and process all the changing energies. Before bed try to meditate and quiet down. Then release it and give it all up to God.


Together we rise